Year of October live at Dry Ground

Free live acoustic set from Nashville’s Year of October.

Year of October is a Rock band based in Nashville, TN. Founded in 2010 while members Phlecia and Josh were attending the University of Kentucky. Year of October started out as an acoustic singer/songwriter group, but soon made the transition to a full band which completed their truly unique sound.

Their dedication and love for their craft shines through in their first album “Stories” released in early 2012. With influences from The Black Keys and Led Zeppelin to Norah Jones they are led by bluesy vocals, strong lyrics, and roaring guitars that create a sound reminiscent of the 70s but making it all new.

They worked for two years on their next release and put out their second record, “Golden Days,” in October of 2014. They developed their sound and really toned in their own brand of fuzzy rock. They continued to perform live as often as they could for the next two years and they began working on their third release in 2016.

After three years of playing live and working on new tunes they released their third record “Trouble Comes” on October 31st, 2017. This is their hardest rocking record yet and boast lots of dirty riffs and dark grooves to go along with their deep and powerful vocals. Be sure to be on the lookout for them to be on tour in the next coming months.