Pope Paul & The Illegals live at Dry Ground

Live music from Santa Ana, CA’s Pope Paul & The Illegals.

Pope Paul was introduced to the psychobilly scene as The Vampz third guitarist and now he is bringing his own swingin’ style of rockabilly to the scene! Pope Paul writes all his own original music but the music is brought to life by The Illegals in the studio and out on the stage!

John K. rocks the upright bass for The Illegals and also plays bass with The Black Noise and lots of other respected OC bands. John is a master of that smooth Jazz style but can also funk up any situation with a killer bass solo!

Sal S. stepped in for Pope Paul & The Illegals on drums and we’ve been keeping him around since because the man can keep a swingin’ beat nice and hot in that pocket and can keep that outlaw country feel a rollin’!