Jeremy T McConaughey live at Dry Ground

Live music from Jeremy T McConaughey.

Hailing from the barren plains of Central Illinois Singer/ Songwriter Jeremy T McConaughey has found a place to pursue his creative endeavors.After many years of performing with numerous nationally known acts as a drummer Jeremy decided to step out from behind the drums and apply his hatchet to the wood and carved out what has developed into the embodiment of the Conversations EP.Recorded in April of 2015 at Paper Mill Studios in Nashville, TN after what seemed to be the turning point in getting his songs into the right producers hands, in those of Mike Marsh.(drummer-The Avett Bros.,Dashboard Confessional)As with any recording process Mike continued to push Jeremy to strive to write what was truly the heart and soul of what has become Jeremy’s passion. Jeremy continues to write his story that draws inspiration from history and current events. Jeremy has been dubbed, “The Real Honky”,not as a slanderous slur, but as a homage to the forefathers of Honky-Tonk that he has followed behind