Futurama themed quiz

Do you keep a seven-leaf clover for good luck? Is technically correct, the best kind of correct in your opinion? Do you play for the glory of the Hypnotoad? Well, Good News, Everyone: A Futurama Quiz is coming to a city near you on June 22nd. Gather your crew and look to score big at our first Futurama quiz in nearly 10 years.

The quiz will cover all 7 seasons of the show including the three direct-to-video movies that later became season 5. While we won’t ask you a significant number of questions about the comics, video game or other spin-offs, we continue to reserve the right to ask you about anything and everything Futurama related in round eight.

The quiz is $5 per player and the winners will take home a cash prize large enough to host their own Futurama quiz with blackjack and hookers. Invite everyone you know, even Zoidberg. The more players, the larger the cash pot. Otherwise general Geeks Who Drink rules apply. You’re limited to 6 total players on your team and use of eyePhones and other extra-cranial devices is prohibited.

Registration for this quiz is REQUIRED! Head on over to to register your team.


Is this a free quiz?
No, it’s $5 per person to play (bring cash!), and we’ll ask you to pay for everyone on your team before we give you quiz materials. If a team member is going to be late, we won’t ask you pay in advance, but if they fail to pay on arrival, your team will be DQ’d.

Can people under 21 play?
Sorry kids, Geeks Who Drink is a beer-soaked quiz for adults. You must be 21+ to play.

Should I wear a costume?
YES! Some of our venues may have a costume contest if there’s enough participation, but that’s up to the venue and host.

What’s the maximum/minimum players per team?
There is no minimum, but if you want to win, you should have a fully staffed squad. We’re happy to help you find teammates in advance on social media or on the day of. Team maximum is strictly six players, as always. Everyone sitting with you is considered part of your team.

Can my dad/girlfriend/friend sit at our table and not play?
No. Six people max on a team and all players must pay. If they’re sitting with you and not playing, we’re going to ask that they move.

How is the prize amount determined?
In most cases, the prize amount is 50% of the total take. Why not 100%? Because we have to cover our costs of producing and marketing these event quizzes. If the pot is sufficiently large, we’ll split it between first and second or first, second and third place.

Will BLANK TOPIC be covered?
Everything is fair game. Study hard. Apply yourself. And we never give clues.

How long will the quiz last?
Our regular quizzes run about 2 hours, but themed quizzes require a bit more heavy lifting in terms of logistics, scoring and extra stuff we may have planned. Average is about 2 1/2 hours.

I’d like to help promote the quiz/talk to you on my podcast/contribute some bonus prizes.
Great! Contact us at and we’ll see about making that happen.